Tummy Tuck Timing

Having a baby after a tummy tuck – everything you need to know about tummy tuck timing

Tummy tucks can really boost confidence and help you to achieve the body you desire. However, a common worry many women have is whether it’s possible, or even a good idea, to have a baby after having a tummy tuck procedure.
Is it safe? Will you need to have another tummy tuck procedure afterwards? Below you’ll discover everything you need to know about best tummy tuck timing.

Tummy tuck timing: will a tummy tuck affect future pregnancies?

While the majority of patients who choose to have a tummy tuck have chosen to finish having children, unplanned pregnancies can still occur. Or many women simply change their minds about having children later down the line.
Whatever the reason, it’s important to note that there have been no reported compilations suffered during pregnancies due to a previous tummy tuck procedure. Many women have safely carried babies to term, some even just months after the procedure. So, there’s no need to worry about safety.

Will you need a revision surgery?

Obviously, pregnancy stretches out the abdomen, so it’s natural to assume you’d need to undergo another tummy tuck procedure to maintain the results. However, interestingly very few women find they need a touch up procedure. It all depends upon the severity of any developing stretch marks, excess skin and how far the tummy has stretched.

What if I need a C-Section?

If you find you need a C-Section, it’s important to tell the doctor that you’ve had a tummy tuck. That way, they can avoid making an incision into the same site as the tummy tuck scar. Scarring isn’t always overly visible and care will need to be taken to ensure the incision isn’t made into the scar tissue of the tummy tuck.

How long should I wait before I get pregnant after a tummy tuck?

If you’d like to start a family soon, it makes sense to wait a while before you undergo a tummy tuck. After all, it wouldn’t make sense to have a nice flat tummy for a few weeks, only to see it expand again soon after. There’s also the issue that your body, in particular your abdomen, needs time to heal before it expands again.

Ideally you should wait as long as possible before deciding to have children after the procedure. However, if you accidentally fall pregnant within a few months of having the surgery, you should still be able to heal properly, as well as carry baby safely to term.

Overall, it is possible and safe to have a baby after a tummy tuck. You won’t necessarily need to have the surgery done again afterwards either. It’s best to seek full advice from Mr Anthony Macquillan, our tummy tuck expert, prior to having the procedure to see what advice they recommend on tummy tuck timing.