Cosmetic Surgery And Pregnancy

Cosmetic Surgery and Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

Amy Child’s has recently hit the headlines due to claims the star underwent cosmetic surgery whilst pregnant. Childs has since denied the claims, insisting she hasn’t had any cosmetic procedures done to her face in 18 months. However, would it matter if she had?

Here we’ll look at whether cosmetic surgery and pregnancy is safe, and whether it’s ever a good idea.

Does pregnancy increase the risks of cosmetic surgery?

All cosmetic surgery, including minimally invasive procedures, come with a certain level of risk. Whether it be infections, bruising or bleeding; when you go under the knife there’s always a chance something can go wrong.

Being pregnant won’t necessarily increase your risk of developing complications, but it will pose a risk to your unborn child. There is a slightly increased risk to you, as being pregnant does have the potential to lower the immune system; increasing the likelihood of an infection.

The safety of your baby is obviously your main concern. So, if you’re purely looking to enhance your looks, it’s worthwhile waiting until after the birth. All good cosmetic surgeons advise against, and even refuse in many cases, carrying out cosmetic surgery during pregnancy. This is especially true when anaesthetic is being used.

Don’t think you can lie about it either. Blood tests will always be carried out to determine whether you’re pregnant, then a further pregnancy test will be carried out before the procedure.

So, cosmetic surgery during pregnancy should always be avoided for the health of both you and your little one.

Things to consider about cosmetic surgery and pregnancy

Though some types of surgery are necessary during pregnancy, such as a C-Section, they are purely performed for medical purposes and are safe to your unborn child. Any type of elective surgery is advised against. So, think about whether you actually need the surgery or not.

Even minimally invasive treatments can pose a risk during pregnancy. So, even if you’re just considering having a little filler or Botox added to your face, it still comes with an increased risk.

Overall, it’s much better to wait until at least six months after the pregnancy to have any form of cosmetic surgery. While it won’t necessarily do any harm, depending upon the procedure you’re thinking of having, it does pose too much of a risk. For more information, you can book a consultation with our highly experienced cosmetic surgeon to see what they suggest.