Plastic Surgery Age Limit

Are you ever too old for plastic surgery?

While the majority of plastic surgery carried out these days is done to address the signs of ageing, most patients seeking these types of treatments tend to be aged between 30-50 and in some cases even younger. It’s ironically often considered to be largely for young people, with many people in their 60’s and 70s assuming they are too old to undergo cosmetic work.

As traditional surgery is considered riskier the older we get, it’s common to assume there would be an upper plastic surgery age limit on who can undergo a procedure. However, are you really ever too old to have cosmetic surgery?

Plastic surgery age limit: factors which need to be considered

If you are an older patient considering getting work done, the first thing you need to know is that technically, there is no upper age limit on who can undergo plastic surgery. So, whether you’re in your 60s, 70s or even 80s – it won’t automatically prevent you from going under the knife. However, there are factors which need to be considered with older patients. Primarily, your health will need to be taken into account.

Now, it’s no secret that as we age, we can automatically start to become more susceptible to illness. However, this isn’t guaranteed. In fact, there are some 80-year-olds who are much fitter than some 20-year-olds! So, age itself is not a determining factor. Your health and fitness levels are what really counts.

Any medications you currently take will also need to be factored in. This is because if surgery is considered a safe and effective option, you may need to stop certain medications prior to the surgery.

There are actually a lot of different factors which need to be taken into account to determine whether you’ll be a good candidate for surgery. However, your age isn’t one of them.

More older people than ever before are seeking cosmetic surgery

In 2016, more older women than ever before underwent cosmetic procedures. Many of these opted for non-invasive procedures to eliminate signs of facial ageing. Age spot removal on the hands is another popular procedure sought by older patients.

The fact that there are a lot of non-invasive procedures available these days has helped make cosmetic surgery more accessible; particularly to older patients concerned about going under the knife.

Overall, there certainly isn’t an upper age limit on who should and shouldn’t have cosmetic surgery. Just because you are older it doesn’t mean you are necessarily at a higher risk of developing complications. Each patient, therefore, regardless of age, needs to be assessed on an individual basis.