Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery

The Ivanka Trump look becomes most requested cosmetic surgery procedure

Female celebrities have long been an inspiration for women seeking cosmetic surgery. J-Lo and Kim Kardashian started the big buttock trend, Angelina Jolie and Kylie Jenner made big lips a must-have procedure, while Kate Middleton’s nose has inspired many to undergo rhinoplasty. However, there’s a new, somewhat surprising celebrity, who is currently setting the cosmetic surgery trend – US President’s daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Thousands of women request Ivanka Trump plastic surgery look

There’s no denying Ivanka Trump is a beautiful woman, so it’s unsurprising her recent shot to fame has left women across the globe envious of her classic features.

What’s interesting, is many of Ivanka’s features are different from what is typically considered “attractive”. Take her low setting brows for example. These days, the trend tends to be high arched brows with high definition. However, it’s the fact Ivanka’s brows and eye area are different which makes her appear more beautiful.

So, what treatments are women having to look like Ivana? Well, there’s a mixture of body and facial treatments being requested, but largely most women want to achieve the same, soft natural look that she has.

This very much goes against the most recent trend of having an ‘overly made-up’ face. So, it will be interesting to see whether the natural look will take over on a more long-term basis.

Can surgery really make you look like a celebrity?

Cosmetic surgery is capable of visually altering practically every aspect of the body. There’s not much that it can’t do in terms of improving how you look. However, it does have its limitations.

While celebrity looks can be used for inspiration, cosmetic surgery cannot turn you into somebody else. You can have as many procedures as you can afford, but you still won’t end up looking 100% like your celebrity idol. Why? Because each of us has our own unique bone structure and features. There’s only so much cosmetic surgery can do in terms of altering the shape of the face.

You only have to search for before and after photos of people who have tried to look like their favourite stars, to discover it doesn’t really work. However, you can have certain procedures done that will help you achieve a similar look.

Overall, before having any cosmetic surgery procedure done, it’s important to understand its limitations. By all means, take inspiration from your favourite celebrity, but just don’t expect to look like them completely. Book a consultation and chat with our expert plastic surgeon to discuss your expectations and discover whether the look you’re aiming for is realistic.