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New Study Finds Interesting Link Between Teen Bullies and Cosmetic Surgery

According to a new study carried out by the University of Warwick, school bullies are more likely to undergo cosmetic surgery. Similarly, victims of bullying are also likely to seek enhancements under the knife compared to teens who haven’t been affected.

The reasons behind the surgery are interesting, as bullies opt for procedures which make them appear more dominant, while victims attempt to boost their confidence. This has led experts to suggest that more needs to be done in terms of assessing the mental health of teens before they undergo surgery and looking out for a history of bullying.

More girls consider surgery than boys

The study included a sample group of around 800 teenagers. Results showed that 7.3% of the girls questioned had a serious desire to change their appearance. Only 2% of boys felt the same way.

While bullies were found to be more likely to opt for surgery themselves, it’s their victims which have the strongest desire to change their looks. This is down to psychological issues caused by the bullying, leading them to feel that they don’t look good enough.

Could addressing mental health issues help?

Undergoing cosmetic surgery for the wrong reasons can be detrimental to a teenager’s health. In particular, if they are going under the knife due to underlying mental health issues, it’s unlikely they will feel happier after the work has been done.

Instead, addressing self-esteem and confidence issues caused by the bullying could dramatically lower the teen’s desire to have cosmetic surgery.

Responsible surgeons will rarely carry out procedures on teenagers, unless it is for a medical reason. However, teens don’t have to look far to find a surgeon who cares purely about the money. Unqualified surgeons aren’t as prevalent today as they once were, but they are still fairly easy to find. They charge much lower rates than skilled surgeons, something that attracts teenage patients.

Overall, the findings are surprising in the fact you wouldn’t typically associate cosmetic surgery as a popular choice for bullies. However, it does provide a useful look into the current trends of teenage procedures and highlights a need for a stricter screening process. At Cosmetic Surgery South Wales, patient safety and satisfaction are always our top priorities. If Mr Anthony Macquillan believes that you’re not undergoing cosmetic surgery for the right reasons or have unrealistic expectations, he will always advise patients to take more time to consider their options.