Non-surgical Nose Job

Non-Surgical Nose Job – Everything You Need to Know

With each passing year, there seems to be a new, advanced form of cosmetic surgery introduced onto the market. One of the most popular new procedures patients are opting for is the injectable, or non-surgical nose job.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries in the world. However, it does involve surgery and depending upon what needs changing, the procedure can be quite complex. The injectable nose job on the other hand is minimally invasive and comes with much fewer risks.

So, what exactly is a non-surgical nose job and could it be the right option for you?

Understanding non-surgical nose jobs

With injectable nose jobs, a filler is injected into the nose. It is a contouring procedure that can prove really effective in some patients. It’s largely beneficial for those looking to:

  • Enhance the tip
  • Build a bridge
  • Achieve better symmetry
  • Refine the results offered by surgery
  • Straighten or smooth out the hump of the nose

It’s also worth noting that these types of procedures can only give you great results if the procedure is performed by an experienced and highly skilled surgeon. Getting the right level of filler and knowing where to inject it is an art that an inexperienced surgeon could easily get wrong.

Will it work?

Non-surgical nose jobs aren’t suitable for everyone, as there is a limit as to what they can actually achieve. So, it will largely depend upon what you want to change. However, if you are classed as an ideal patient for the procedure, the results are usually impressive and they can often be seen immediately.

The main thing to remember with this type of nose job is that it is only a temporary treatment. Dermal fillers do need to be re-applied after around six months, though they’re more cost effect than a surgical rhinoplasty procedure.

Overall, it’s definitely worth seeing whether you are an ideal candidate for a non-surgical nose job. Just make sure you’re choosing a reliable and highly skilled surgeon to perform the procedure.