Body Contouring For Summer Beach Body

Want the Perfect Body in Time for Summer? Here’s Your Options

Summer is almost here, but is your body ready? If not, don’t panic! There’s still time to seek a little cosmetic help.

Thousands of patients opt for cosmetic surgery to help them achieve their perfect beach body. These days there are so many different body contouring procedures you can undergo to ensure you achieve your body goals. So, which treatments are most likely going to give you that summer body in time?

Liposuction – the fast way to shed those pounds

While liposuction should never be used as a replacement for a healthy diet and exercise regime, it can be really beneficial as a temporary and fast weight-loss treatment. Now, there are limitations as to how much fat can be eliminated, so you’ll need to talk to your surgeon to see what they recommend.

It could be you may even qualify as an ideal candidate for water assisted liposuction. This is a newer, more gentle type of liposuction which focuses more on smaller, stubborn pockets of fat. It can’t remove the same amount of fat as traditional liposuction, but it can help contour the body.

If you do undergo liposuction, you’ll need to avoid strenuous activities for around 4-5 weeks, so it’s perfect to have right before your summer holidays.

Facial skin enhancements

Of course, a great summer body isn’t all about weight. You’ll also want beautiful, glowing skin. This can be achieved via facial skin enhancement procedures such as Botox, chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing.

You’ll not only end up looking healthier, but you’ll also look younger too. Just remember treatments such as a chemical peel can cause the face to appear unusually red, so make sure you have any facial treatments done as early as possible.

Breast augmentation

Want to feel confident in a bikini? Breast enlargement is a fantastic summer body contouring treatment that can significantly boost your confidence.  While the recovery can take a few weeks, the results are usually seen within just a few days. So, if you book the procedure now, you’ll have no trouble showing off your new assets this summer.

Overall, the above are just a small selection of the cosmetic procedures you can undergo to achieve the perfect summer body. However, before you book any type of body contouring procedure, it’s important to have a consultation with Mr Anthony Macquillan, our Cosmetic Surgery South Wales plastic surgeon to discuss what you’re hoping to achieve. The procedures you’ve selected may not be the best for gaining the results you’re looking for.